GCP Associate Cloud Engineer - Google Cloud Certification

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Get hands-on with compute, networking, storage, and database services in Google Cloud Platform Understand how to engineer and deploy secure and robust applications on Google Cloud Platform Understand the best practices for building secure and reliable applications on the Google Cloud Platform.
Anyone with an attitude to learn cloud Technology. You need a lot of patience and dedication! Zero Knowledge of Google Cloud Platform is expected
  • 20 hours Online Live Class
  • Certificate of completion
  1. Google Cloud Regions and Zones
  2. Google Compute Engine
  3. Machine Types and Images in GCE
  4. Installing HTTP Webserver on Google Compute Engine Virtual Machine
  5. Internal and External IP Addresses V2
  6. Static IP Address in GCP
  7. Google Cloud Platform (Web) Console
  8. Optimizing Costs and Performance in GCP
  9. Instance Groups in Google Cloud
  10. Load Balancing in Google Cloud Platform
  11. Managed Services in Google Cloud Platform
  12. Google App Engine
  13. Google Kubernetes Engine
  14. Google Cloud Functions
  15. Google Cloud Run
  16. Encryption in Google Cloud with Cloud KMS
  17. Block and File Storage in Google Cloud Platform - GCP
  18. Object Storage in Google Cloud Platform - Cloud Storage
  19. Authentication and Authorization in Google Cloud with Cloud IAM
  20. Choosing Database in Google Cloud Platform
  21. Exploring Databases in Google Cloud Platform
  22. Cloud Pub Sub
  23. Private Networks in Google Cloud - Cloud VPC
  24. Operations in Google Cloud Platform - GCP
  25. Organizations and IAM - Organizing Google Cloud Resources
  26. GCP Pricing Calculator
  27. Google Cloud Platform - Other Important Services